Never Get Locked Out Again


Replace your old mechanical lock with a state-of-the-art Yale digital door lock and you will never again face the prospect of being locked out of your own home after losing your key or forgetting to bring it. Welcome to the key-free future!


Forgetting your keys and being locked out of your own home is a scenario most of us have experienced at one time or another. Perhaps you went out and didn’t bring your keys because you planned to return home early while other family members were still awake, but returned much later than expected. Or you like to travel light and your flight is delayed – everyone’s in bed. Maybe you switched bags and forgot to transfer your keys. Or you simply left them in a cab or in a bar – or worse, you can’t remember.


All of these situations are common. Apart from the sheer inconvenience, when you misplace a key you pose a security risk to you and your family. If the key falls into the wrong hands of someone who knows where you live, it’s as good as leaving your front door open and i

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The ‘turnkey’ (pun intended) solution to all of the above problems is to switch to a digital door lock. Apart from the heightened security of a digital lock, the big practical advantage is that you simply don’t need a key to operate it. Ladies will welcome one less thing to carry in their purses. Men will no longer face the dilemma of how to carry their keys – dangling from a keychain attached to a belt loop, or straining the seams of a shirt, pants or blazer pocket. Neither is sartorially acceptable.


Yale, a household name in home security, markets sleek, elegant digital door locks that can be accessed via a tap of the finger, a unique PIN number or a lightweight swipe card. Yale’s sophisticated fingerprint recognition system automatically ‘wipes’ any residual imprint left by a fingerprint so that potential intruders are unable to retrieve marks left on the sensor.


For home and business owners who desire an additional level of security, the locks may be configured in such a way that an additional ‘safety check’ is required for access. This can be the entry of a PIN number, or the swipe of a lightweight electronic card.

Yale digital door locks deliver ultimate peace of mind for the security-conscious.



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