Burglar-Proof your house in 5 Steps

Low crime doesn't mean no crime! Do you know that there has been an increase in the number of Violent/Serious property Crimes in 2013? Safety is not to be taken for granted, and below are some steps which you can take to tighten up the security at home this June holidays.


1) Security alarms

Studies have shown that having a security system discourages burglars to break into your house. Security cameras, digital locks, sounding alarms are some of the ways that could ward off the attention of burglars.

Check out our post on the different types of home security systems here.


2) Windows

Your window can easily be pried open using a screwdriver, or even smashed open with a hammer.

Keep your windows strong by fixing on window and glass laminate films. The harder it is to smash, the bigger the scene it creates, the more likely the burglar is to ditch his plan and escape.


3) Doors

Doors are great! It makes entering a house easy, and it makes leaving it with a bag of goodies even easier.

Invest in a good door lock, one with an alarm system will be perfect (refer to point 1). Being the handy man/woman you are, you can always fix one yourself.  Check out the different types of Digital Door Locks available or visit us at the PC Show 2014 for product demonstrations and great savings!

(P.S. we provide free installation service too! ) 


4) Your neighbours

Time to get friendly with your neighbourhood! Befriend your neighbours and have a healthy relationship with them. Chances are, they might be able to detect suspicious movements around your house and inform you before anything bad happens!


5) Looks like nobody's home

Be sure to get rid of signs indicating no one's home when you travel overseas with your family. Have a neighbour pick up your daily newspaper or mails (perks of point 4), keep away anything valuable, or have a watch dog (but remember have your fluff friends fed (Refer to point 4)!)


So, be safe and spend quality time with your family this holiday!